What's a Chia or Flax 'Egg'?

Flax seed

You might have seen the puzzlement on the faces of the consumers on the BBC1 show 'The Customer is Always Right' when they read our instructions to make our mixes vegan. What's a Chia Egg?

We give the best options below for baking for keeping our mixes vegan.

1. Chia or Flax 'Egg'

This is a simple solution to using an egg in baking if you have some chia seeds or ground flaxseed on hand. Using a tablespoon of seed and 3 tablespoons of water per 'egg', you simply blend the two and pop into the fridge for 15 minutes. This will create a nice 'jelly' that works well as a binder in baking. This doesn't suit a light bake like a sponge but it works well in a denser style cake or brownie like our mix.

2. Aquafaba

Chickpea liquid - yes strange that may sound but it has a wondrous affect in baking, and has even been known to make a nice meringue, yes really. Drain the water from a can of chickpeas then use a kitchenaid or hand mixer to whip the water into a thick foam - about 5 minutes usually does it. This is a great replacer if you want to make light and airy pancakes (try with our Pancake Mix to make them as light as air!), sponges or even a vegan pavlova!

3. Depending on the recipe, a mashed banana or applesauce can work or even just a touch more baking powder and splash of oil. (Keeping in mind eggs are binders and raisers so if you can add a touch of liquid that often works well).

So be like our happy vegan customers on 'The Customer is Always Right' on the BBC and make epic bakes!

BBC show The Customer is Always right



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