They're Not Just For Pancake Day - our Best Pancake Recipes for you!

We are pancake mad at Sweetpea Pantry - they are certainly not just for Pancake Day (5 March this year). Nothing wrong with a simple lemon and sugar crepe or maple and butter drizzle but give these recipes a try, you won't be disappointed!

We asked our favourite recipe developers to come up with a healthy or decadent twist on the classics and we love them all... Healthy weekend brunch, evening luxury pudding or quick breakfast, here we come... 

Chocolate and Banana Pancake Recipe

1. Can there be anything better than combining Chocolate and Pancakes - take a look here for an amazing Sam Hadadi's @nourishednaturally recipe: Double Chocolate Pancakes with Caramalised Banans and Whipped Coconut cream. 

Rainbow Pancake Recipe

2. Bit more effort required for this masterpiece, but it will be worth it and will blow your guests away! Thanks to Emily @thewrightfoodie for this amazing creation - take a look how to make it here

Yellow - Griddled Lemon & Maple Cream

Pink - Caramelised Banana and Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce

Green - Toasted marshmallows and strawberries

Blue - Blood Orange Chia Jam and Chocolate

3. Another recipe with a chocolate twist comes from Pamela @spamella who's delicious recipe is already a winner in our house - we're talking Chocolate, Cherry and Energy balls! Take a look here.

4. For a fruity twist, we love these Apple Pie Pancakes that use the great combination of Apples and Cinnamon - you can find this delicious recipe here.

Crepe with peaches

5. And a simple recipe you could whip up in a minute using store cupboard ingredients, take a look here at this delicious crepe option from Mandy at Sneaky Veg who creates delicious family friendly recipes. 



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