Great Taste Award Wins for Sweetpea Pantry!

We have always known our mixes deliver on goodness and provide choice, but it gives us a real buzz to have their taste credentials given a thumbs up by those in the know!

Across our range we have now received seven Great Taste Award Stars, which makes us very proud! This year we submitted our Brownie Mix and our Carrot Muffin Mix and this is what the judges had to say...

Brownie Mix with raw cacao flax and teff

Brownie Mix with raw cacao, teff and flax - Great Taste one star Award

"Easy to follow instructions are supplied with this carefully considered baking kit which is ideal for either a gluten free or dairy free diet.  A tempting brownie can be made swiftly with three added ingredients.  The baking judge used butter and golden syrup as directed on the packet and the tasting judges liked the inclusion of flaxseed and teff within the kit.  This created a ‘cake like’ brownie with a moist crumb and appealing texture.  The raw cacao provided an appealing chocolate hit which was not overly sweet. "

Carrot Muffin Mix with flax and oats

Carrot Muffin Mix with oats and flax - Great Taste two star Award

"The muffins were straight forward to prepare and the results were six well risen vegetarian and gluten free carrot treats that would be ideal to serve at breakfast time or for a packed lunch. This muffin has a natural sweetness with the inclusion of dates and a well-balanced flavour of freshly ground spices. We likes the combination of gluten free flours that had been included. One of the judges follows the FODMAP diet and we had to make sure that she saved some for everyone else to try!

An innovative gluten free baking mix that is well deserving of its two stars. Congratulations."

Pancake Mix with buckwheat, flax and quinoa - GT 2 stars

Super Oat Flapjack with quinoa and flax - GT 2 stars

Playful Pizza Dough with chia and flax - GT 2 stars



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