Easy Savoury Pancake Recipe

We love that our Pancake mix makes so many styles of pancakes. Take a look to see how easy it is to convert our mix to a savoury breakfast/brunch option (a great cheat for lunch and dinner too).

Delicious savoury Pancake Recipe

Spinach, Sweetcorn and Pesto Pancakes

Makes: 6-8 Pancakes (4 people)


1 small handful finely chopped spinach

1 tablespoon pesto

1/2 can sweetcorn

Topping: (chop and mix gently together)

Chopped fresh tomatoes

1 sliced avocado

Sprinkle of chilli flakes

Squeeze of lemon juice

Make your Sweetpea pancakes as per the pack (using 2 eggs and 200 mls milk) and whisk well. Add your finely chopped spinach, pesto and your sweetcorn to the mixture and stir through.

Cook in your pan as small to medium rounds with a dash of butter.

Stack up and top with your tomato/avocado mix.


You can make these with any number of addition to the mix. Grated courgette, grate halloumi, chopped peppers and more....



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