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  1. energetic kids

    Most parents will agree that little ones are never-ending, exhausting balls of energy.

    Whether our kids are cartwheeling across the garden, boogying in the kitchen to loud music, racing through the playground or skipping along the pavement, they are always on the move.

    However draining that can be for us grown-ups, it’s great for them! We want our kids to stay active, and to encourage them to keep moving and grooving. It promotes healthy habits for life.

    Yet, after a tiring day at school or a manic play date, even the most energetic of children can start to flag. So, what can we do to help?

    Happily, there are all sorts of delicious, nourishing foods that can help to boost energy– and they’re all child-friendly, even for the fussiest of eaters! Here is our pick of the very best foods to re-energise your little ones.

  2. Virgin judges and SweetpeaBack in 2014 Sweetpea won the Virgin Foodprenuer 'Best loved Kids Food Brand' - and what a buzz. We met Richard Branson (who landed by helicopter nearby and immediately took over centre stage, as if we weren't already star struck), and felt like we'd made it. Keep in mind we'd only been working on our business for a year or so, had no major listings yet and were a long way from making any money...

    Fast forward to 3 years later and we've just supported the Virgin Sport British 10K run in London. Yep we gave 10,000 runners an awesome sample of our healthy baking mixes. Back in 2004 we didn't even make that many products in a year! And we now sell into Ocado, M&S, a host of gorgeous farm shops and deli's and we've just launched into Sainsbury's.

    So, what happened in those years between. How did we do it? Was it easy?

  3. SOF Crumble smallWith rhubarb season in full swing this recipe is getting a work-out in our house at the moment. Very versatile as can be used for any number of fruit bases - rhubarb and apple, mixed berry, apricot, apple - anything really. As mini-anything goes down well with the little tasters in our family, I find myself making a batch of mini versions of these and wacking half in the freeer for next supper time. Righteous easy home baking!

  4. PPD Crackers n dips smallSearching for quick after school or play date snacks? These are a winner every time and with chia and flax in the mix, give a nice base for lasting energy for hungry kids. (Make sure you make plenty as delicious with avocado, pate, cheese, dips etc for you too!!)

    1 x 260 gram Sweetpea Pantry Playful Pizza Dough Mix with Chia and Flax

    2 tablespoons olive oil

    150 ml lukewarm water

  5. SOF Super Oat bowl Granola smallAs breakfast fans, we had to give this alternative recipe for our mixes a try and it is truly delicious. And with so much sugar in many of the the ready-made cereals out there, this gives you the option of adding how much you like and what you like (honey, maple syrup, date syrup or golden syrup).

    1 x 230 grams Sweetpea Pantry Super Oat Flapjack mix with quinoa and flax

    100 grams coconut oil

    3 tablespoons honey or maple syrup

    Melt your oil and syrup together and add to your Sweetpea mix.

    Stir well and press into square baking tray, approx 1-2 cm high.

    Bake in pre-heated moderate oven for 10-15 minutes until lightly brown and crispy at the edges. Let cool, but while still slightly warm break with spoon or fingers into chunks of oaty deliciousness.

    Serve sprinkled over natural yoghurt with nuts, seeds and berries – Devour!


  6. GG base mini cheesecakeThis recipe came about because cheesecake is a pudding I luuurve and with a bit of sugar reduction, it is a great dessert for children with nice protein from the cheese and eggs (well that's what I tell myself every time I bake it 'for the children'!). Really quick and easy to make and delicious as mini bites or one large cake.

  7. GG teepee smallI'm not going to pretend, this isn't a quick 5 minute recipe - this is for the special occasion when you have a chance to cook without children in tow, where you can lose yourself in contemplative baking creation.... happens everyday right? Seriously the end result is worth it, kids will go crazy for this and another use for all those lego characters sitting around the house... happy creating!

  8. GBP Waffles smallBreakfast... usually done while scrambling for school uniforms, finishing last minute home-work and running around after a missing shoe. However I firmly believe that making time to get some goodness into this first meal of the day for the little ones is so important. From personal experience I've found that starting the little one's day with a protein-loaded breakfast works wonders. 1) She is full for much longer 2) She is less grumpy (seriously!) 3) I feel less guilt as I've kept sugar down or out for at least half a day! So on this "World Cereal Day" here's a few recipe ideas that are worth a try!

  9. GBP Pancake popsI don't know about you, but I'm slightly envious of those impressive insta posts of food for kids in groovy shapes and formats. I'm not there just yet, but in our house, we are big on pancake shapes and with Pancake Day just around the corner, let's all get inspired to up the ante on our pancakes (and you know they are onto something... shaped pancakes get gobbled up twice as fast, by both kids and adults alike!)