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  1. Gluten free Super Oat FlapjackAnyone who has tried to bake a delicious, gluten-free cake and ended up with a dry, crumbly, flat sponge will know that free-from baking can be a minefield.

    You see, gluten-free baking can be notoriously tricky – and expensive, too! From scratching your heads about which flour to use, to feeling confused about leavening and even oven temperatures, it can feel a little overwhelming.

    Yet, with more and more people suffering from intolerances or choosing to limit their gluten intake, there’s never been a better time to get to grips with gluten-free baking. In fact, whether you fancy dabbling with ground almonds or teff flour, or perhaps adding a sprinkling of quinoa flour to your next batch of waffles, then there are plenty of choices out there.

  2. pizza2Ohhhh, Christmas snacks. There’s so much to tempt us: every social gathering is brimming with delicious treats and what with all that shopping and keeping the festive cheer going -  well we need to get our energy and goodness from somewhere.

    Here are a few snacks and treats that will give you the energy burst you need, without the highs and lows of refined-sugar, and with plenty of added nutritional benefits to get the goodness in too. Some great party food ideas here for those pre-Xmas gatherings and guests who care about good food.

  3. Sweetpea Pantry Blog:Special DietsSpecial Diets: Adapting our mixes for all

    Sweetpea Pantry is for everyone to enjoy. We wanted to share with you some simple switches to make our mixes suitable for those with special diets and food intolerances. Our ingredients are simple and natural - we don't use any strange unpronounceable powders or fillers and we have no hidden dairy or egg additives.

    Go gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free or vegan with our easy modifications.

  4. Cookies 4This time of year is definitely about treats (the short, dark days do help with this feeling!) and we are all for treats, especially if they are homemade - if made with love they have to be better for you right? - and if they have some goodness in as well, then even better! This gorgeous recipe takes our Ginger and/or Chocolate Giggles to the next level. Try resisting these!

  5. pumpkinsWe all know that we need to pile plates with a beautiful rainbow of fruit and veg to keep ourselves as healthy and as happy as possible. But there is another key to keeping healthy – and enjoying the tastiest foods around – which is to eat seasonally.

    Why Eat Seasonally?

    Although most of us can now buy strawberries in December and brussels in summer, there’s a lot to be said for eating seasonally. For starters, seasonal food (usually found at the end aisle of your supermarket’s fruit and veg section) is fresher and even more delicious. It’s also thought to be more nutritious. Eating seasonally is perfect for anyone who is environmentally conscious because it reduces energy, and supports local farmers. It’s also great for the purse too, as it tends to be far cheaper.

    We’d like to challenge you to try eating seasonally this Autumn. We promise there’s plenty to choose from…

    What Should I Eat in Autumn?

    Although the days of ice cream and fresh berry smoothies may now be a distant memory, Autumn definitely has its perks. Of course, with Halloween just around the corner, pumpkins tend to take the spotlight – and big and little kids alike love their naturally sweet taste. Yet, there are plenty of other delights to add to Autumnal menus over the next few months.

    Here are some of our favourite seasonal ingredients to pile plates with this October and November. Happy eating!

  6. Energy Bars Super Oat FlapjackWho doesn't need more energy? When is comes to the pressures of daily life, whether you have kids in tow, you are in the midst of university studying, or slogging it out on the corporate ladder, eating well and keeping your energy up is vital.

    We asked inspirational blogger Samantha Hadadi from Nourished Naturally to come up with a new recipe using our Super Oat Flapjack (which is already pretty fabulous with wholegrain oats, quinoa and flaxseeds) and take it up a notch so you can make your own incredible Energy Bars that will keep that energy going for you. And look at the result - the perfect sweet treat you can feel good about!

  7. Apple Pie Pancakes mainAutumn days make us think of pumpkins, apples and mulled wine. We've been inspired to make these seriously delicious autumnal version of our pancakes using our pancake mix and tart apples.

    Perfect for a weekend brunch or even a decadent pudding. And with lots of protein, fibre and no refined sugar, everyone's happy!


  8. energetic kids

    Most parents will agree that little ones are never-ending, exhausting balls of energy.

    Whether our kids are cartwheeling across the garden, boogying in the kitchen to loud music, racing through the playground or skipping along the pavement, they are always on the move.

    However draining that can be for us grown-ups, it’s great for them! We want our kids to stay active, and to encourage them to keep moving and grooving. It promotes healthy habits for life.

    Yet, after a tiring day at school or a manic play date, even the most energetic of children can start to flag. So, what can we do to help?

    Happily, there are all sorts of delicious, nourishing foods that can help to boost energy– and they’re all child-friendly, even for the fussiest of eaters! Here is our pick of the very best foods to re-energise your little ones.

  9. Virgin judges and SweetpeaBack in 2014 Sweetpea won the Virgin Foodprenuer 'Best loved Kids Food Brand' - and what a buzz. We met Richard Branson (who landed by helicopter nearby and immediately took over centre stage, as if we weren't already star struck), and felt like we'd made it. Keep in mind we'd only been working on our business for a year or so, had no major listings yet and were a long way from making any money...

    Fast forward to 3 years later and we've just supported the Virgin Sport British 10K run in London. Yep we gave 10,000 runners an awesome sample of our healthy baking mixes. Back in 2004 we didn't even make that many products in a year! And we now sell into Ocado, M&S, a host of gorgeous farm shops and deli's and we've just launched into Sainsbury's.

    So, what happened in those years between. How did we do it? Was it easy?