About Us

We are Sweetpea Pantry, and we are passionate about delicious real ingredients, free-from choices and helping you feel amazing by providing nutritious and good-for-you Ready Mixes. 

Good food shouldn’t have to be hard to make, and it definitely should taste good. 

Our pancake, brownie and flapjack Mixes are gluten-free and dairy-free, with no added sugar (so you can choose your sweetener of choice if required) and they are vegan friendly.

Our all-natural ingredients are from ethical producers and most of them grown in the UK. We love to use flax, quinoa, chia, oats and other highly nutritious and super powered grains and flours.

Use our mixes to make wholesome meals and snacks - they cover favourites like pancakes, pizza dough, flapjack, brownie and carrot cake - or try some fabulous variations like energy bars, waffles, crackers and fruit crumble.

“My favourite memories are joyous, noisy family gatherings around the kitchen table. Food was simple and plentiful – but always real and natural. Even now (some ahem 30 years later) the smell of oregano brings back memories of rising pizza dough, a taste of cinnamon reminds me of breakfast pancake stacks of my youth and the sound of a whisk brings back my absolute favourite moments of licking the bowl after baking.

Somewhere along the journey, I think we’ve over-complicated food – I say enough of ingredients that you can’t spell let alone say – time for real food with no nasties."


“I love the way good food makes me feel. Like most people, I haven’t always eaten the best diet (time, accessibility, cash, you know the score…), but there came a point where I just couldn’t ignore the fact that food with fibre, protein, low sugars and no chemicals made my body and mind operate so much better! 

And now I’m working on teaching my kids about good food – how fun it can be and how good it can taste - especially when you make it yourself!”